Plantonic Play

I have a friend. A tall male friend. A tall handsome male friend. I have known him longer than seven years which is apparently the length of time you need to be friends with someone until you realise you have sexual fantasies about each other. One night while chatting online we got discussing who in our friends we would be with and why. The list of the obvious people came up and of course a few questionable ones. We both agreed on this occasion that we would each be top of each others list out of curiosity more than anything.

We got discussing what things we liked in bed. Things that turned us on. Things we actually already knew about each other. From years of opned hearted chats we already had a fair idea what the other got off on. However this was different, this was about us and what we would do to each other if we had the chance. At the time of this conversation I was abroad and we chatted freely with the safety of 1,000 miles between us.

The conversation got steamy. A bit too steamy infact. I started to rub while self while we chatted. When asked what I was doing I was honest and was met with the surprising reply that he was hard and rubbing himself. At the exact same time as laughing I also nearly died of embarrassment. How were we talking like this and why were we getting so turned on by each other? It was a crazy whirlwind feeling. This new feeling of adrenaline that rushed through me when waiting for his reply was strange. Strange but totally acceptable at the same time. We stayed up sharing our fantasies and talking each other to the point of orgasm until dawn broke. It was 8am when I logged offline. I stepped out on to the sunny balcony in Croatia and knew that when I woke up later that day I would only laugh at the randomness of it all.


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The Tinder Match

I matched with a long haired Spanish man on tinder. It was a passion filled nine months to say the least. I only met him once before we took our clothes off. I went to his house to meet him which I am pretty sure is against tinder rule number one. He had long hair and was very very attractive. He wasn’t much taller than me but I realised after a short time we wouldn’t be standing next to each other much.

I met him not long after my relationship ended so I wasn’t looking for anything serious. Some chats a kisses maybe at a push. It seemed to take on a life of its own and we slept together the second time we met. It was intense, it was raw, it was as if we had know each other bodies forever. I  had never felt so sexually attracted to a person that I didn’t know before. I was constantly high from fucking him.

I don’t remember doing the same position with him twice. We would get stoned together and start kissing, rubbing each other over our clothes start and laughing when we made eye contact. We never did understand how the spark was so bright so fast. It would be all gentle soft and sexual foreplay and just before anything would happen he would tie up this hair and I would know that I was in for several orgasms in a row.

He would light a joint and inhale, breathe it into my lings while kissing and head down to lick my throbbing pussy. I would lie back and smoke myself into a stoned state of sexual bliss. He loved to get head and he knew I loved to give it. He would turn me so my head hung of the edge of the bed and he would fuck my mouth with it. I would be touching myself and be close to coming just from hearing him moaning. Watching him come was fascinating. He would throw his head back and pull at his hair a little. He would push my head further down his cock and you would feel very part of his body move with his orgasm.

Before we finished there was a night that I was unable to control any of my body. Everything was so sensitive after spending the day together. When I wanted to leave he started to lick me until I was so wet that I didn’t feel his finger slide in. He licked me until I couldn’t take anymore. When I asked him to stop he didn’t listen (thankfully) and kept going with his fingers and mouth until I though I was going to pass out. All I remember now is that he had to cover my mouth when I came.  It seems when I mentally passed the point of no return, my body kept going. I went to a space I hadn’t experienced before and I let myself go. I can remember very clearly how my body shook as I came. How the wail I let out gave him a grin on his face.  That night I had reached some secret  sexual nirvana that was locked inside me.

It ended abruptly but my Spanish lover was a tingling experience I won’t be forgetting

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The boy who cried sorry.

After 5 years it is over.

Finished. Just like that. Well not just like that. It was coming for a while. Coming since the start even. He would remind me every now and then that I pressured him into asking to be his girlfriend when we were in Vietnam. Memories are a funny thing. It was back home in September when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I believe now from the start that he didn’t want it but he didn’t want to lose me as his friend. I should have seen it and I should have known it myself but I was foolish and I was smitten, two bad combinations.

Fast forward to now and I am lying awake in bed at 2am while he snores his head off. We’ve been broken up since July. Feels like it never happened really, he never left the house which means he never left the bed. I wish I was able to sleep but I can’t. He brought a woman home last night, to the bed. Without warning or without having a choice to say no she was there. Drinking the vodka and smoking the spliffs I rolled. A 40 year old grandmother was in my bed and messed about with him while I just lay there. I had left by the time the second round had started.

Today he is full of apologies, it was the drink he said, the smokes he had after, he was over worked and over tired. He is sorry. He always is. I have been here before, many a time, ready with a hug and a comforting word.

Enough. I have had enough.

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Few years more experience

I’ve talked about this blog often over the years, usually during a conversation about fantasies or sexual desires. Most people don’t believe when I tell them, then there are the half that do and I would end up sleeping with them. Not a bad way to hook up! I had forgotten how much I loved writing it until I read back on old posts. What a great fun sexy life I was living. It doesn’t feel that way recently but I’ve some great stories to share from the past few years. Stories of blow-jobs under wedding tables, lickout lessons for girls, a Vegas swinging club and some threesomes and foursomes. All I need to do now is get back into sharing mode. You have been warned!

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Promises Kept

He was away for a month. Well 3 weeks and 2 days. It might as well have been a month. I nearly made stubs of my fingers I touched myself so much. Day and night I would catch myself rubbing my clit. I’d forget where I was when I’d realise I was touching mysel. I was exhausted from it. Stressed out even. I didn’t realise I depended so much on lips, hands and dick. I know I should have realised but I’ve spent years and years without his help and I’ve been able to get myself off no problem and no suddenly my body will only respond to my own touch if he is touching me too.

I told him while he was away that I wouldn’t let him out of bed, I’d feed him, fuck and him let him sleep. That is pretty much what I did for the weekend. Food, Fuck, Sleep. It was  a good weekend. I tried to cook the dinner as soon as we got in to the house from the airport. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, I read the oven instructions while he massaged my nipples. I placed the chicken in the oven while he pulled my skirt down. I had practically no clothes on by the time we ran upstairs. I set the timer and stripped off as quickly as I could and jumped in under him.

I felt so small underneath him. I felt like he could take control of me and do whatever he wanted and I’d melt. He slipped inside me and I moaned. I can’t even explain how it felt. I can just remember how much I moaned, nuzzling into his neck  I moaned into his ear how much I missed fucking him.

The night was a blur of sucking dick and licking nipples. I’m getting  horny just remembering it. The feeling of straddling him and my lips spreading would turn me on again, he sucked my nipples until I came, they missed his touch and I love how he knows just what to do to get me off.

He is busy with college, as I am with work but days like that nearly make up for three weeks of pins and needles in my nearly stubbed fingers.

I’m just glad I kept my promise and that I didn’t let him leave the bed all weekend.

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Remember me? I haven’t so much been on the missing list so  much as I’ve been fucking  a lot.  I must admit not enough fucking but more than enough if my devout Catholic aunt found out!

I’ve been travelling, off having sex in hot exotic Asian countries, giving blow jobs in Thailand, getting eaten out in Vietnam. It’s all part of the travelling experience right? There is nothing better than having sex in a country where you can’t adjust to the weather, you already feel hot so you have to wear as little clothing as possible. You sweat a lot so you are always rubbing yourself dry, the more you touch yourself, the hornier you get. It’s a vicious circle and if you’re lucky it can end by getting your pussy wet and then drying off in paradise sunsets.

I was in Kai Bae, its a tiny village on Ko Chang off Thailand. The pool at the resort was right on the beach,  it was the most incredible view I’ve ever seen. It was there, we huddled in close together whispering, little kisses at times, mostly giggling because we knew we were being watched. Another couple were hanging around nearby. It made me wet to think we were being watched.

I wrapped my legs around him, tight as first. I wanted my pussy to press against his cock. I wanted to feel him getting excited. I wanted to feel his dick get hard against my clit. All it took was one soft lingering kiss, the sun beating down on us and there it went, right on time, seconds after I wrapped myself around him, Rock hard.

Knowing he was turned on, turned me on. I pulled myself away a little giving him enough space to put his hand between my  legs, he pulled my bikini down and slid his fingers over my clit. The water and his fingers made for a very erotic experience. I knew we were being watched and I couldn’t hide the fact that I was being touched, it felt so good. I couldn’t handle not touching him so I opened the string on his shorts and started to play with him. His hard dick   my hands was unreal. This amazing country, with this intense heat and amazing view created a memory I wouldn’t forget but that was made all the better by having his dick in my hand and his fingers in my pussy.

We moved to the shallow end where we could lie down. I lay against his stomach while he stretched around and fingered me, he played with my nipples and I had to stare out to the ocean and not let anyone see my expressions changing as I was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

We didn’t want to ruin the pool for the other visitors so we grabbed our towels and ran back to our bungalow, the door wasn’t even closed before my bikini bottoms were on the floor and he was fucking me from behind. Hard deep thrusts.

Thinking back now, it’s the kind of porn I’d like to see. Realistic.  Hot, sweaty, holiday fun.

I must start thinking about my next destination.


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Drinking her juices

I am not going to go into a big detailed description of what happened that night. I do like to keep some memories for myself. I will tell you thought that I asked her to sit in my face. I have eaten her many times but always while she lay on her back. It’s nice that way, you can look up and she can look down and see me. I wanted to really taste her though.Taste her, taste her. I wanted to feel it going down my throat.

When I asked, she just climbed up and over. She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t need convincing even though she did say later she had never sat on anyone’s face before. Thinking about it  now I am wet, wet wet wet. I licked her slowly at first and then lots, slow lapping motions to start with. She was dripping down my face before she had even cum. It was one of the most erotic moments of my life so far. I was rubbing my own clit while tasting hers. She would grind off my tongue, she wanted more. I would give her a finger, I would give her two and then I would take them both away, she would wriggle and try to get closer. My tongue was lathered in her and I could taste all of her, it was sweet. I could have stayed there for hours.

I didn’t need her to touch me, I had gotten off completely on the fact I was immersed in her tasty tasty pussy.That was a few weeks ago now and I can feel myself getting the itch, the taste of more. I need more pussy, it’s certainly an experience I don’t want to be ruling out of my life. It’s just not so easy to find. You see the thing is, I’m shy.

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