Promises Kept

He was away for a month. Well 3 weeks and 2 days. It might as well have been a month. I nearly made stubs of my fingers I touched myself so much. Day and night I would catch myself rubbing my clit. I’d forget where I was when I’d realise I was touching mysel. I was exhausted from it. Stressed out even. I didn’t realise I depended so much on lips, hands and dick. I know I should have realised but I’ve spent years and years without his help and I’ve been able to get myself off no problem and no suddenly my body will only respond to my own touch if he is touching me too.

I told him while he was away that I wouldn’t let him out of bed, I’d feed him, fuck and him let him sleep. That is pretty much what I did for the weekend. Food, Fuck, Sleep. It was  a good weekend. I tried to cook the dinner as soon as we got in to the house from the airport. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, I read the oven instructions while he massaged my nipples. I placed the chicken in the oven while he pulled my skirt down. I had practically no clothes on by the time we ran upstairs. I set the timer and stripped off as quickly as I could and jumped in under him.

I felt so small underneath him. I felt like he could take control of me and do whatever he wanted and I’d melt. He slipped inside me and I moaned. I can’t even explain how it felt. I can just remember how much I moaned, nuzzling into his neck  I moaned into his ear how much I missed fucking him.

The night was a blur of sucking dick and licking nipples. I’m getting  horny just remembering it. The feeling of straddling him and my lips spreading would turn me on again, he sucked my nipples until I came, they missed his touch and I love how he knows just what to do to get me off.

He is busy with college, as I am with work but days like that nearly make up for three weeks of pins and needles in my nearly stubbed fingers.

I’m just glad I kept my promise and that I didn’t let him leave the bed all weekend.

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